The power of volunteering

Based in the east end of Glasgow, Playbusters has been offering local people the chance to make a real difference in their community for the last ten years.

Originally set up to look at the lack of safe play areas for children and young people the  group now works with over 300 people a week offering  a wide range of opportunities from youth activities, Spanish classes, Green projects, intergenerational activities and an ever increasing volunteering programme.

The group received £340,078 from BIG in 2009 for their Connecting Generations project to provide a wide range of opportunities both generations to spend quality time together and learn different skills and knowledge.

But it’s not just communities who are changing it’s the people taking part.  Playbusters has given them confidence, self belief, new skills new friends and has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. 

In this short film four volunteers talk about what Playbusters has given back to them.


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