Join our tour

Staff from BIG are continuing to tour Scotland with a view to meeting with as many community and voluntary groups as we can. We want to promote our current range of programmes and encourage suitable projects to apply.

We’ve already visited 13 different areas across the country where we’ve met and spoken to almost a thousand people about potential sources of funding.

You can join them by attending one of our future events details of which can be found here.

At each event staff from BIG will be able to provide information on all our programmes in Scotland, including:

Awards for All

Investing in Ideas

2014 Communities

Investing in Communities

Young Start

A full list of programmes currently open in Scotland can be found here.

As well as providing an overview of the programmes available in Scotland, these half day events will give delegates an opportunity to meet on a one to one basis with a funding advisor from BIG to discuss your particular project and how we may be able to help.

To reserve a place at an event near you, please contact the BIG Lottery Fund by emailing or call our team on 0141 242 1400.

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