Spotlight on Supporting 21st Century Life

Supporting 21st Century life is one of three investment areas that make up our flagship Investing in Communities fund. If you are considering applying for funding from this investment area read on…

Through the Supporting 21st Century Life investment area we want to fund projects that build stronger families and communities, with a focus on improving the quality of life for those families most in need. We expect to fund a wide range of activities and services such as parenting and family support as well as advice and tailored support to help people access services.

Projects can involve mentoring, peer support and befriending activities, like the one that is helping Bill Mather to live independently. At least once a week Bill is picked up in a minibus and taken to a nearby village to catch up with old friends. At the age of 97, Bill is registered blind and lives alone in a rural village. Like many older people who benefit from the ‘Out and About’ service, Bill would be unable to leave his home without this project and become even more isolated.

We also welcome projects that encourage activities such as play, volunteering and outdoor experiences, like the one that supported Connor to build a better relationship with his mum, as well as encouraging him to take up new activities such as judo and karate. Connor and his family are among many families who are receiving support from a project funded by Supporting 21st Century Life to help resolve conflict and identify more productive ways of living together.

Families with caring responsibilities have also been helped, with a focus on supporting individuals like Bill K to receive practical and emotional support to care for three generations of his family. Through group work, advice and support from other carers in his community, Bill says that the project has been a lifeline for him and his family.

Watch and read more about their stories here and if you have a project that you think could be funded through Supporting 21st Century Life why not give us a phone on 0300123 7110 or visit the website to find out more.

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