Your burning questions

Every month our dedicated BIG information line can receive up to 700 enquiries from both new and existing customers. With our team on hand to offer advice and support to applicants before they apply the queries are diverse and cover all of BIG’s funding programmes in Scotland.

Here we answer three of this month’s burning questions.

If we apply to Community Spaces Scotland before the 7 December deadline, will we get a decision sooner?

No. All decisions will be made by February 2013. No matter when you apply between now and 7 December, everything will be decided at the same time. There is more information on the timescales on page 10 of the guidance notes.

Can Young Start pay for salaries?

Yes, however the salary/salaries must be to deliver the specific project requested. It cannot be for ‘general’ salaries. We also would not expect 100% of the request to us to be for salaries. There is likely to be for other associated costs as well.

How do we explain our need and outcomes for a feasibility study?

This question can apply to both our Awards for All and Investing in Ideas programmes. Some groups feel that the need and/or outcomes are difficult to explain for feasibility/research work. We therefore advise groups to outline in their application what the perceived benefits will be by focusing on the ‘ultimate activity’.   

If you have a question for our information team you can contact us on 0300 123 7110 or email

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