Community Spaces Scotland reminder and tips

The deadline for Community Spaces Scotland applications is drawing nearer. It will close to applications on 7 December 2012. To help organisations applying, we ran a ‘Webinar’ on 11 October. This gave possible applicants the chance to find out more about the fund and to ask us questions.

From the Webinar we found that 86% of attendees intend to apply. It is very likely this funding will be very competitive.

If you were unable to attend, or if you just need a refresher, here’s a summary of what came up.


Project can be on a lease or for ownership. A lease must be for at least five years. Read our land and capital guidance for more details.

You can apply for between £10,000 and £250,000. However, the average grant is expected to be up to £100,000.

You can apply for between 51% and 95% of the total project cost.

If your project’s postcode is not automatically eligible, please check our website.

All applications are considered at the same time. Funding will be made in February 2014. Our guidance notes explain this further on page 10.

We can consider most costs except for the purchase of land or building.

Hints and tips

The focus must be on benefiting your local community. Also think about new people being able to access the space/place.

All three outcomes must be met and these tie into what the need for the project is.

Consider how you know your community needs this project. There has to be a justified need – not a want.

You can view the full presentation of the Webinar, which is in ‘Prezi’ format.

Finally, please remember to apply no later than 7 December 2012. More information including the stage one application is on the Community Spaces Scotland page.


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