Your burning questions – November update

Our Information and Outreach Team receive up to 800 enquiries from both new and existing customers every month. We’re on hand to offer advice and support to applicants before they apply. The queries are diverse and cover all of BIG’s funding programmes in Scotland.

Here we answer three of the most recent burning questions.

What are your requirements for bank accounts?

The bank account name must be under the applicant organisation. This has to be the same name that is on your governing document and financial accounts. The bank account needs to have at least two unrelated signatories for it.

Please make sure this is set-up before you apply to us.

Our project is working on land or in a building but we do not own it. Can we apply?

As long as you have a suitable lease and permission from the owner, you should be able to. Our land and building guidance has more information on this. For requests of up to £10,000, please check out our handy factsheet.

Is Young Start open for applications and if it is, when are decisions made?

Young Start is open for applications and has no closing dates. You can apply at anytime of the year. You will get a decision within eight weeks of us receiving a completed application. If you receive an offer, you will have four weeks to accept it.

Overall, we recommend applying three to four months before you need the funding for.

If you have other questions about our funding you can go to Ask BIG where we give you the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Alternatively if you can’t find your answer at Ask BIG you can email us on

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