Countdown to Community Spaces – your questions answered

Community Spaces ScotlandIn the last few weeks we have experienced a surge in enquiries about the Community Spaces Scotland fund. Here are the answers to a few of the commonest questions. If you are planning to apply, these are worth keeping in mind in the run up to the stage one deadline on 7th December 2012:

What are the timescales?:

The deadline for stage one applications is 7th December 2012 – we thought this was important enough to include twice! If you are planning to apply for development funding for your project, you should also submit the development funding form within this deadline. Once you have submitted your stage one application, we will give you a decision on whether you will be invited to apply to stage two in February 2013.

What do we need to submit alongside our application?

If you are applying for a capital (i.e. land/buildings) grant, then you should also submit a basic options appraisal.

If you have read our “Land and buildings application guidance notes”, you may have also seen the checklists we have produced for capital projects. Please note, the documentation included on these checklists is not required until stage two of the Community Spaces application process

What is an options appraisal?:

All applications for a capital grant to work on land or buildings should include a basic options appraisal at stage one, showing the process for deciding on the project proposed. For more information on the purpose and production of options appraisals, you can refer to our “Options appraisals: A guide for applicants” document.

Please note however, that this document provides a thorough overview of what you should consider when producing a full options appraisal – so don’t panic! At stage one, your basic options appraisal needs to briefly show us that your organisation has put thought into exploring the possible options to meet your local needs, and explain the reasons for pursuing the project outlined. If your stage one application is successful, we may ask you for a more detailed options appraisal at stage two.

If your application is for revenue costs only, an options appraisal is not mandatory.

Can Community Spaces fund new builds?:

No. While Community Spaces Scotland funding can potentially be used for building improvements, renovations and extensions, it cannot be used for the construction of new builds. By new builds, we typically mean large-scale permanent structures built from scratch. Small scale structures such as sheds, portacabins etc. can be considered for funding.

Can Community Spaces fund land or building purchase?:

No. If you are looking for funding for your community to buy land or buildings please contact us to find out if any of our other funding programmes could be more appropriate.

What length of lease do we need?:

If the amount of capital grant you are requesting is £100,000 or less, you should have a lease for the land/building which cannot be brought to an end by the landlord for a minimum period of five years from the date of completion of the works (i.e. not the date of the application or award of any grant).

 If the amount of capital grant you are requesting is over £100,000 you should have an assignable lease of a minimum period of 10 years without a break clause from the date of the completion of the works (i.e. not the date of the application or award of any grant).

 Revenue aspects of your grant are not included in these considerations.

Where can I get more information?

Community Spaces Scotland guidance notes:

Land and buildings application guidance notes:

Or if you have a specific question, email us at:

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