An extra helping hand from BIG


Help is at Hand

As a funder, BIG always wants to support those organisations coming to us looking for funding. While we have much expertise in house, there are several areas where BIG has retained specialists to offer our grantholders bespoke advice – one of those specialist remits is business and financial planning.

For BIG ensuring those we fund or who are applying to us for funding have a solid financial plan and business acumen can often make the difference to a project’s success or failure. Over the last 18 months Social Investment Business (SIB) has been delivering this support on a referral basis, so existing and potential Investing In Communities grantholders are supported where appropriate; with

  • financial forecasting, planning and modeling,
  • business planning and strategy,
  • ideas around future sustainability and income generation,
  • effective governance and constitutional matters and
  • guidance for management on how to efficiently support ongoing business

Projects are referred by BIG’s own funding officers either at the development stage or once they have received a full package of funding support. The focus on the support provided is around guidance and mentoring to provide transfer of knowledge and ensure that organisations are stronger and healthier and able to help themselves going forward.

For BIG, the advantages are clear but the bonus to our grantholders and projects is also key. They get free business planning advice which they are able to apply across their organisation.

If you are an investing in communities grantholder speak to your funding officer about what extra support BIG is able to offer. You might be surprised at the answer.

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