The essentials before you apply

You’ve researched the need for a project and have the application to apply. But, before you submit your application, there are other parts just as important as the project. These are a governing document, bank account and financial accounts. All of these are necessary for an organisation to apply for funding. These must be in place before you apply to us. In turn, this blog covers the essentials you will need to apply and in turn, accept a grant.

Bank accounts and statements

The account must be under the organisation’s name (the same name on your governing document). There has to be a minimum of two unrelated signatories on it. If the account does not have these requirements, unfortunately we cannot pay a grant to you.T

If you receive a conditional offer of a grant, we will ask for bank statements. These have to be original, or copies stamped by your bank (each page stamped). We cannot accept copies (unless they are stamped).

If you have a new bank account, we will need an original letter from your bank. This is to confirm the account details and when it was opened.

Governing document (usually a constitution)

This is a set of rules that explains what your organisation’s objectives are and what it is allowed to do. The name on this should match your bank account and financial accounts. It is this name you should put on your application form.

All applicants need to have open membership. This should be confirmed in your governing document.

Our good governance guide has more information on governing documents.

Financial accounts

We need your most recent accounts, which ideally, should be no more than 12 months old. They have to cover a full 12 months. It does not have to cover a financial year though – any 12 month period is fine. The period should be the same as what your governing document states. This will also state who can sign your accounts. This might be your treasurer plus an independent person. Your accounts might not need to be audited. However, if your governing document states they have to be audited, this has to be followed.

If you have been running for less than 15 months, we can accept a 12-month income and expenditure projection. This should include any grants you apply for, as part of projected income.

We might ask for a summary of your acounts in an application form.

Our guide to accepting a conditional grant offer covers the above points as well. If you have all of these sorted before you apply, it could make receiving funding more straightforward.

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