Delivering Services for Older People?

Delivering services for older people?  Keep reading!

Evaluation Support Scotland is starting a new programme to help explain and evidence the voluntary sector’s contribution to reshaping care for older people.  It’s called A Stitch in Time?


The focus is on organisations working in Lothian. 

A Stitch in Time? is a partnership project facilitated by Evaluation Support Scotland (ESS) and supported by the Scottish Government Third Sector Unit and the Joint Improvement Team (JIT).

As the old proverb suggests, a timely effort will prevent more work later

That’s the concept being explored in an action learning programme:  How does the voluntary sector help prevent problems later on for older people? 

Reshaping Care for Older People is about refocusing services on earlier intervention.

To contribute to this agenda A Stitch in Time? aims to answer:

  • What part can the third sector play in preventing avoidable future use of health and social care service and optimising the independence and well-being for older people?
  • How can they best evidence this?
  • How can we continue to learn ‘what works best’?
  • How can we ensure evidence and learning is used to inform policy, planning and practice?

If you’re a voluntary organisation in Lothian then get involved. To find out more go to the Stitch in Time? page on the Evaluation Support Scotland website.

There are some key dates to mark the start of the programme:

  • 5th February: Programme launch(Edinburgh)
  • 20th February: Evaluating Outcomesworkshop (Edinburgh)
  • 21st February: Evaluating Outcomesworkshop (Bathgate)
  • 28th February: Putting your evaluation plan into action(Edinburgh)

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