Lottery boost for young people

The Young Start fund supports projects set up to help people aged eight to 24 reach their full potential.  The money comes from dormant bank and building society accounts that have seen no customer-initiated activity for at least 15 years.

Projects to benefit from the latest round of funding include Bankie Talk Talking Newspaper.

Bankie Talk Youth Project
Bankie Talk Youth Project

This is a talking newspaper for the blind set up in 1989 by a group of dedicated volunteers. They send tapes and discs to blind and visually impaired people every week, mostly in the Clydebank area, but also to ex-Bankies who live further afield.

Their Young Start grant of £46,310 for the Bankie Talk Youth Project means they can carry on giving training to young volunteers who make audio recordings of news and information from Now, Empire and other publications for young visually impaired people unable to read the magazines themselves. The volunteers work towards Diana Certificates of Excellence with hours worked also contributing towards MVA certificates.

Reachout! Scotland helps children and young adults in more deprived areas of Glasgow. Their Young Start grant of £50,000 goes to their Mentoring Project which has three parts to it. There’ll be after school clubs for pupils aged 11-16 helping with academic achievement; a 15-18 years boys club to encourage enterprise and health; and a summer programme preparing primary school pupils for the transition to secondary.

Reachout! at Largs
Reachout! at Largs

The mentors will be students recruited from Glasgow, Strathclyde and Caledonian Universities and the work based in the North East of Glasgow.

For more information on the Young Start fund visit our website.

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