DEADLINE for Third Sector Early Intervention Fund

FINAL REMINDER if you’re applying to the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund

Third Sector Early Intervention Fund
PLEASE NOTE The deadline for applications to the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund is 5pm Friday February 1, 2013
Here are a couple of important notes to consider before you email your application.
• Alongside your application form, you also need to send us a copy of your latest approved accounts.
• If your organisation is unincorporated, you will also have to send us your governing document (e.g. constitution).
• If you are applying to both strands, make sure to submit a SEPARATE form for each strand.
• Make sure to fully complete and check the budget tables in question 4.4. Check that your totals add up, that you have included costs for both years of funding (if appropriate), and that it is clear what costs are being requested from this fund. If you are unsure what to include here, we are happy to offer advice.
Following your feedback, we have made some minor updates to the application form. It now includes increased space in question 4.1 (to allow full use of the word limits) and a slight amendment to the wording of question 1.2. If you had problems fitting in your answers to question 4.1, you can download the latest version from our website.

You can still check answers to all common questions on the Ask BIG site which you’ll find here:
If you have further questions about the fund, or about your application, you can still email us at


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