Create a positive future with Communities and Families Fund

This month the Communities and Families Fund awards over £200,000 to groups across the country working with children of eight years and under. The projects are varied and offer a wide range of support, activities and skills to benefit young children and their families.

Art classes, learning about gardening or cooking, taking part in musical or physical activities helps educate and inspire Scotland’s young children giving them a better start in life.

Moray Toddler Adventures
Moray Toddler Adventures

Rural Moray Toddler Adventures is a successful programme based in Elgin run by Earthtime CIC which gets the local community involved in outdoor activities. They work with children aged two to eight years, and their families, to inspire and create early, positive memories of nature for them to grow up with. Entry fees are kept to a minimum and Earthtime work with several local charities to see that families from all backgrounds are aware of this opportunity. Thanks to the £5,550 Communities and Families Fund award they’ll roll the project out to other areas in Moray bringing more children, their parents and volunteers together to explore the outdoors.

Football is being used as a solution to territorial disputes in Glasgow’s east end, as well as getting children active, learning new skills and having fun. A grant of £8,980 means Helenslea Hall Management Committee can continue their Urban Fox sports programme.

Urban Fox
Urban Fox

They’ll organise three football camps in different venues across the North East of Glasgow – East End Healthy Living Centre, the New Emirates Arena and Glasgow Green. The all day football camps will run across the year during school holidays, with the first one taking place during Easter, and bring young children from different neighbourhoods together, helping them make friends and overcome barriers.

Aberdeen’s recently refurbished Cummings Park Community Flat offers a safe space for the local community to meet. Using the grant of £4,402 the group will now smarten up its over-grown garden with the help of children, parents and grandparents. They’ll run a weekly gardening session where everyone can learn about gardening, the seasons and healthy eating. The project will unite families from the surrounding area and the renovated area will provide a green space where children can safely play and people can socialise.

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