Sports groups applying to Awards For All

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If you’re a sports group applying to Awards For All… Then this blog post is just for you.

There are three lottery distributors involved in the Awards For All programme.  Applications coming from arts or sports groups are most likely to be considered through Creative Scotland and sportscotland. Other groups will usually be considered through Big Lottery Fund.

Andy Kelly from sportscotland answers our questions on what they are looking for in Awards For All applications from sports groups.

1. What type of projects do sportscotland fund under Awards For All?

A wide range of projects, from coach education and programme costs through to equipment.

2. What would you say are the biggest challenges sports clubs experience in completing an Awards For All?

The biggest challenges are sports clubs not being joined up with their Local Authority and/or Governing Body.

3. Can sports groups apply to Awards For All and sportscotland at the same time?

The only time that you can apply to Awards for All and another sportscotland programme for the same projects when it is UKCC level 1 coach education, (50% from Awards for All, 50% from UKCC). You can apply for different projects to the other sportscotland programmes at the same time as an Awards for All application.

4. Can sports groups apply to Awards For All for the replacement of sports equipment?

Replacement of sports equipment is a low priority for sports funding through Awards for All, and given the demand on the budget it is unlikely to be funded. This would also apply to projects that we deem to be repair and maintenance.

5. Does sportscotland have any priority areas?
Not geographically. A project that exhibits strong joined up sports development, will increase participation or improve performance is a good project. The sportscotland corporate plan (see below) is available from the website and will help applicants focus on our key areas of work to ensure their application matches these objectives.

6. What are your three top tips for sport projects applying to Awards For All?

1) Speak to your local authority, your governing body and sportscotland about your project
2) Concentrate on elements which will contribute directly to sports development
3) Ensure that what you apply for is appropriate for the level of your club


For more information about the Awards For All programme:

Find out more about the other funding programmes available from sportscotland on their website:
If you have any specific questions about sports projects applying to Awards For All, you can contact sportscotland on

Tel: 0141 534 6500
Email –

Thanks very much to Andy Kelly from sportscotland for his input in this blog post.

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