Your burning questions – April update

17 250x250Our BIG Advice Team receive up to 900 enquiries every month. We’re on hand to offer advice and support to applicants before they apply. Here we answer three of the most recent burning questions.

If we apply to one of your funds (such as Awards for All) can we apply to another (such as Investing in Communities)?

Yes, as long as they are for different projects and meet the relevant outcome/s.

Can organisations with larger incomes apply to Awards for All?

Yes, we can consider an organisation with any income level. We do though prioritise organisations with an annual income of £100,000 or less.

There is more information on this in our scoring guidance (criteria 6).

Do any of your funds have upcoming deadlines?

The below funds have upcoming closing dates. Those not listed are ongoing or have no upcoming deadlines:

Coastal Communities Fund – 26 April 2013
Support and Connect – 10 May and 6 September 2013
The People’s Millions – 13 May 2013

In addition, Better by Design closes on 13 May 2013.

Tips on applying

If you are applying to Communities and Families Fund or Young Start, we have some very useful hints and tips for your application.

Communities and Families Fund
Young Start

Or, if you’d like an overview of tips on applying to any of our funds, this article and video will be handy.

If you have other questions about our funding you can go to Ask BIG where we give you the answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Alternatively if you can’t find your answer at Ask BIG you can email us on

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