H2H brings hope to young people

Jenni Pringle volunteers as a life guide for the local Stirling charity Heart to Heart. At 24 years old she’s been with them for three years. She worked with their H2H project helping young people affected by parental divorce or separation.

Jenni said: “I have personally experienced parental separation and the consequences attached. Due to my personal experience I understand the difficult emotions and thoughts to deal with when going through family break up.”

Jenni Pringle
Jenni Pringle

The H2H project sets up a meeting with a young person for an hour every week, for six weeks. The life guides offer a listening ear and show the individual how to cope with this difficult time in their life. The meetings take place in public, mostly in cafes or eating places and are informal. The discussions can be challenging for the young person because they have to talk about personal circumstances but all conversations are confidential and designed to increase confidence as well as provide a safe and relaxed space. 

Today’s Young Start grant of £50,000 means the H2H project can counsel and provide guidance to young people aged 11 to 18 years old. Heart to Heart is based in Callander and the project will provide two co-ordinators to cover Stirling, Dunblane and Callander. The six week programme will involve one-to-one and group support with other young people who are going through the same experience as well as the type of mentoring that life guides, such as Jenni, provide.

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