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Do you have a creative project and thinking about applying to Awards For All?


There are three lottery distributors involved in the Awards For All programme. Applications coming from arts or sports groups are most likely to be considered through Creative Scotland and sportscotland. Other groups will usually be considered through Big Lottery Fund.

In a recent blog Andy Kelly advised us what sportscotland are looking for in applications from sports groups.

Now it’s over to Andrew Leitch to answer questions about what Creative Scotland are looking for in creative projects:



1. What type of projects do Creative Scotland fund under Awards For All?

We fund a wide range of arts and creative projects across Scotland the majority of which come from grass roots community groups. We funded 98 projects across all Scotland’s local authority areas last year, form Shetland in the north to Dumfries and Galloway.


art-palete2. Does Creative Scotland have any priority areas?

Last year (2012/13) our focus was on prioritising organisations which addressed our aspirations in relation to Equalities and addressing the needs of groups underrepresented in the arts. This year (2013/14) we do not have any set priorities for this funding stream.


3. What would you say are the biggest challenges creative organisations experience in completing an Awards For All?

Competition! It’s a very popular fund. We were oversubscribed by an order of over 3:1 last year. However remember that Awards for All is a relatively simple and speedy process to access funds and I would encourage community groups to apply.


4. Can creative groups apply to Awards For All and Creative Scotland at the same time?
We cannot accept Awards for All funding as partnership funding for Lottery funded project strands. If you are unsure please ask our Help Desk who will be happy to advice you.

0845 603 6000 or email


5. What are your three top tips for creative projects applying to Awards For All?

1. Read and understand the criteria and make sure you address them in your application.
2. Be clear about who you are and what you hope your project will deliver.
3. Tell us how you will deliver your project and who it will benefit.



You can find out more about Awards For All on our website.


If you have any specific questions about creative projects applying to Awards For All, you can contact Creative Scotland on
Phone:        0845 603 6000


For details on all the funds available check out the  Creative Scotland website.

Thanks very much to Andrew Leitch from Creative Scotland for his input in this latest blog post.
Any questions or topics you want me to cover in future posts, please email

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