Beating the baking blues – Kai’s story

Through our Support and Connect funding 64 Scottish projects have this week shared £9.2 million, bringing our commitment to projects helping those facing hardship to over £19 million in nine months.

Many young people are particularly affected by hardship. Based in Inverness the Calman Trust will use their grant of £215,670 to support those aged 16-25 years old across the Highlands to deal with food and fuel poverty. Their support will help more young people like Kai to cope with limited resources, manage a budget and become more confident. Here’s her story…

“My name is Kai and I am 23 years old. I’ve been coming along to Calman now for about six months and am working in the cooking group once a week.

“At first I was quite nervous coming along to the cooking group, but I suppose that everyone is a little bit nervous when they go along to something new. When I attended the group I immediately felt that it was a safe environment, and I knew that I was going to enjoy it. I like working with people in a group and the cooking group is great for meeting new people. I like helping others to learn to do things in the group, and I like when everyone appreciates the food that we produce.

Kai at the Calman Trust Cooking course“I now come along to the cooking group every Thursday – I think it is fair to say that I love Thursdays! It’s really fun and I enjoy it a lot more than I thought I would. After I’ve been to the group on a Thursday I quite often go and do some shopping and then try and cook things on my own.

“I like to experiment with cooking different types of food now, and the cooking group has given me the confidence to experiment and try new things. Last week I decided made something with aubergine – I’d never have thought to cook with aubergine before! Cooking is great – I really like the focus that cooking something gives you, and I definitely think that food tastes better when you have cooked it yourself!

“I really feel that my confidence has improved a lot since I’ve attended the group – the group has helped me to start to think about what I’m going to do in the future, and I’m definitely a lot closer now to achieving my dream of owning and running my own cafe.”

Isobel Grigor, Chief Executive of the Calman Trust added, “The Support and Connect grant will enable us to work with our partner organisation, Changeworks, to provide cooking classes to more young people in more parts of the Highlands, covering healthy cooking on a budget, using electricity wisely and well. This will extend the reach of our work, where we see young people become more confident with improved life chances, often improving their young children’s chances, too.”

Support and Connect projects by type

Calman Trust is one of 64 projects across Scotland to share £9.2 million this week. Through our Support and Connect programme the Big Lottery Fund has pledged over £19 million since March 2013 to people and communities dealing with hardship.

Here’ a full list of this week’s Support and Connect Grants for Web

For more information on all our funding programmes go to 

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