Your burning questions – October 2014

Our Scotland Advice Team receive an average of 700 enquiries every month. We’re here to give advice and support to organisations before they apply for funding. Below are three of our most common questions asked recently.

Where can I get an end of grant report from?

These are now specific to each organisation so there isn’t a ‘generic’ one available. To receive your end of grant report, please contact your Funding Officer on 0141 242 1400 (press option 1).

Can we include supporting documents along with our application form?

As we receive a high amount of applications, unfortunately we are unable to consider supporting documents. Everything should be included within the application form.

There’s been changes to your funding this year. What funding of up to £10,000 is currently available?MB7H1815 1 250

We have three grants that can fund up to £10,000 (you might have heard them being called ‘small grants’). These are:

Awards for All (£500 to £10,000) – for community or sports projects

Communities and Families Fund (£250 to £10,000) – for improving pre-birth to eight years of age’s quality of life

Investing in Ideas (£500 to £10,000) – to test out a new idea or a new way of working

If you have any other questions about our funding, you can go to Ask BIG, where we give answers to other commonly asked questions.

Alternatively, if you can’t find your answer at Ask BIG, you can email us at

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