Investing in Communities: first awards of 2015

2015 is off to a great start for Headway Ayrshire.  The organisation, which supports people who have an Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and their families, is one of 11 groups sharing in the latest grants from our Investing in Communities fund.

Here 56 year old Shirley Marshall from Prestwick tells us why a grant of £225,338 to Headway Ayrshire, will play a vital part in providing much needed support for people like her and her husband John.

John and Shirley on their wedding day in 2010
John and Shirley on their wedding day in 2010

“In 2003 my husband John, was originally diagnosed with epilepsy. He was then diagnosed with a brain tumour and four more tumours were found over the following nine years. John was a landscaper for Scottish Power; he loved his job and led a very active life.  As a result of his illness he is not able to work and day to day living is extremely challenging. Memory, the ability to process decisions, epilepsy, depression and poor balance are just some of the issues that affect my husband on a daily basis. We have tried to make the best of an extremely difficult and distressing situation over the years having limited input from various agencies, none of whom appeared to possess the knowledge and experience of brain injury as Headway Ayrshire.

I first became aware of Headway in 2013 and their support has been invaluable to us since then.  I have received several home visits from a Client and Family Support worker and Benefits and Training Officer who have both provided emotional and practical support to me.  This led to me attending a Carer’s Education course at Headway and, at the same time, John began a weekly literacy, numeracy and cognitive course which has helped him so much.

As a result we now have an improved understanding of ABI and all of its associated problems.  Headway has provided us with the tools and strategies to cope with the different issues we face as a couple.  Their ongoing support and commitment to our wellbeing has made a huge difference to both of our lives.”

Jane Sloan, the Acquired Brain Injury Advisor to Headway Ayrshire adds: “This generous award will ensure the sustainability of the charity over the next three years. It will allow us to improve the quality of the diverse services we provide to people with Acquired Brain Injury, their families and carers.”

Headway Ayrshire is amongst 11 projects sharing in £5,717,582 from the Fund’s Investing in Communities programme.


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