Get involved or you’ll get left behind

Get involved or you’ll get left behind. That’s according to a student in Fife who will this week appear on the Community Channel’s Brilliant Scotland programme, supported by the Big Lottery Fund.

Peter Murray, Brilliant Scotland programme producer and Scotland outreach manager for the Media Trust tells us more:

It looks almost certain now that young Scots will become the first under-18s to vote in a general election next year and so “Brilliant Scotland” – to be broadcast from this Sunday (01 February) on the Community Channel – has been speaking to 16 and 17 year olds who show just how informed, inquisitive and engaged they are about the future of Scotland as a whole as well as their own communities.

#BrilliantScotland reporter, Ted Simpson (right) filming at Woodmill High School, Dunfermline

Jack Baker – a student at Woodmill High School in Dunfermline – said: “The world is changing.

“So everyone – no matter how young you are, no matter how old you are – you have to be involved with the change, or I think you’ll get left behind.”

Woodmill High School was the focus of our report because one of the students, Erin Rooney had made a film last year encouraging young people to register to vote – and to examine the issues carefully in the run-up to the September referendum.

“People need to get informed,” she says now, looking ahead to that historic Holyrood election in 2016 which will see 16 and 17 year olds cast a vote for the first time ever in a general election anywhere in the UK. “They definitely need to look and see what they want, and not just go for it when it comes to voting.”

Another Woodmill student, Beth O’Reilly added: “I think [politicians] could sway my vote if they were more engaged in social media.”

Engagement in social media is a thread running through much of this fourth edition of the Brilliant Scotland series, from the Facebook postings by Scottie dog shop mascot Gillebrìde at the Coffee and Craic social enterprise cafe in Glasgow, or student ambassadors campaigning against sexual violence in Aberdeen, to the tireless blogger and dementia care campaigner, Tommy Whitelaw.

Elsewhere in the programme, we also spend time playing “frogs and sharks” with a daring and enthusiastic group of nursery school children learning to ride a bike as part of CTC Scotland’s fast-moving Play on Pedals project.

Brilliant Scotland is part of Community Channel’s Do Something Brilliant campaign, funded by the Big Lottery Fund, which celebrates local charities, communities and individuals from different corners of the UK, to inspire audiences to make small changes that make a big difference to themselves or their community. The campaign is driven by Community Channel and the website where a whole host of ‘little brilliant things’ are housed to celebrate what’s on offer locally and provide suggestions for people to get involved.

Farah Bradford and Kyle Smith host the 4th Edition of Brilliant Scotland on the Community Channel at 9.00pm this Sunday. It will be repeated at 07.00am on Monday 02 February and again on Saturday 07 February at 06.00am.

The programme will also be available on-demand on YouTube.





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