The work of Public Social Partnership at Low Moss Prison

Marisa Mahood, Communications & Marketing Manager at Turning Point Scotland, discusses the work of the Public Social Partnership at Low Moss prison.

Turning Point Scotland is the lead voluntary sector partner in the Low Moss Public Social Partnership. turning pointThe service, now operational for nearly two years aims to address the root causes of offending behaviour among short-term prisoners, and ensures those in custody can access a range of support services based on their individual needs, such as substance misuse and mental health issues.

The network of agencies involved includes the Scottish Prison Service, North Strathclyde and Glasgow Community Justice Authorities, NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, Turning Point Scotland and other voluntary sector organisations.

The service is funded by The Big Lottery, the Scottish Government and The Robertson Trust until March 2016.

Mick is supported by the PSP and at 42 years of age he has served 40 prison sentences.  It was only during his last time in prison that he received support to prepare him for returning to the community.  After a chaotic start in life, Mick talks positively about the last 13 months of his life; he has a home, a partner and a baby daughter. The smile on Mick’s face as he told me he had been drug free since was December 2013 was incredible.  He is on a methadone programme and continues to work with the service now that he is in the community as it gives him a safe place to offload and clear his head when he needs it.  He is aware how quickly his new lifestyle can disappear if he makes a wrong move, but the determination in Mick is definitely there to turn his life around for good.

Brian, supported by the PSP hadn’t been out of custody for more than 6 weeks in 17 years was liberated in October 2013 and spent his second Christmas in the community.

Look at ‘Low Moss PSP at a glance’ for our latest figures on the service at Low Moss.

Low Moss PSP infographic

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