The magic of Bobath Scotland

As we approach the longest day of the year, it’s hard to imagine that, in two short months, the summer holidays will be over and thousands of children across the country will be making the transition from nursery to primary school.

It can be a stressful time for parents and children alike and Susan Love explains how Bobath Scotland, a Glasgow based charity, helped make the move that much easier for her son, Lachlan, 7, who has cerebral palsy.

susan and lachlan.Susan, said, “Lachlan has severe disabilities and complex needs. He can’t walk, talk, eat very well or sit up unaided. Every child with cerebral palsy is affected in different ways and this makes it a challenge for schools and nursery staff to know the best way to respond to their needs.

The absolute magic of Bobath is the therapists have the expertise and time to think about your child.  They come up with ideas and solutions to support the teachers and assistants.

This is so helpful for both Lachlan and the teachers because the staff can help teachers respond to Lachlan’s needs, try out new seating positions or hold Lachlan’s hand during activities to help him respond.

Bobath is amazing at combining different types of therapy together, for example, speech and language, occupational and physiotherapy. It’lachlans that combination of therapy which is important. Everything is tailored to your child’s needs.

They’ve really helped with the process of moving Lachlan from nursery to mainstream school so I’m delighted they have received this money to help many more families like ours.”

Bobath Scotland receives £444,710 to support 125 young children with cerebral palsy between two and six years of age as they make the transition from nursery to school.  The organisation is amongst eight other projects receiving funding totalling £4,932,663 from Investing in Communities.

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