Help shape wellbeing research

We are committed to supporting work that promotes the wellbeing of people in communities, from funding small and fantastic community projects across Scotland, to promoting the work of larger organisations focused on improving wellbeing. We are therefore delighted to be supporting the UK-wide What Works Centre for Wellbeing to engage with people in Scotland.

In this guest blog, Hannah Wheatley from the Wellbeing Team within the New Economics Foundation tells us more about this initiative and invites you to get involved….

The What Works Network has recently launched the What Works Centre for Wellbeing, a UK government-funded initiative aiming to enable a range of stakeholders to access evidence on wellbeing.

In 2011, the Office for National Statistics began measuring wellbeing across the UK, and there is a growing movement to consider wellbeing as a key outcome of policy and service delivery. The question now is how to use the data, and other evidence on wellbeing, to create better policies and practices. The new What Works Centre for Wellbeing aims to answer this question, bringing together robust evidence of what works and sharing that evidence with those areas and organisations that can use it to best effect.

One strand of the centre will focus on Community Wellbeing. Over the next three years, this consortium will be bringing together evidence on what community-level factors determine wellbeing. The aim is to identify steps that government as well as community organisations can take to improve wellbeing.

Where you come in

The community evidence programme is hosting ten stakeholder engagement workshops in rosemount-lifelong-learning-centre3
various cities across the UK to shape the scope of our research. These workshops will explore how wellbeing evidence can be useful to those working in a range of sectors including local government, the voluntary and community sector, public health, housing and the private sector. The issues the What Works Centre focuses on will be determined based on this stakeholder engagement, so the workshops represent an important early opportunity to influence the Centre’s work.

One of these events will be a stakeholder engagement workshop at the Big Lottery Fund’s office in Atlantic Quay in Glasgow on the morning of 17th September 2015.

If you are interested in being involved in this workshop, please email us.

Follow this link to find out more about Community Wellbeing.

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