We’re talking new programmes

high res corporate logo - pinkAs our regular Scotland blog readers will know, we will be launching our new Scotland funding programmes later this year. So far we’ve had some great feedback on our emerging plans through this blog, one to one conversations and meetings with many of our key stakeholders.

Over the next few weeks we will be holding some round table events around some of the specific themes our programmes will cover:

  • Helping people live more connected lives by tackling isolation, loss and loneliness
  • Investing in future lives by supporting children, young people and families experiencing challenging circumstances
  • Promoting safer and more equal lives by tackling abuse and discrimination

These will allow us to have a conversation with a range of organisations working in and across these areas about the people they work with. By doing this, we hope to gain a better understanding of how our proposed approach and focus over the next few years could help people to overcome challenges and improve their life chances. This feedback will be valuable in helping us to test and refine our new programmes before they are launched.

If you’re interested in feeding in to these discussions you can register for an event via the links below. Please note, places on these sessions are limited but you can also send us your comments by email at Scotland.2015.portfolio@biglotteryfund.org.uk

Click on the relevant event for more information, or to sign up:

Round table: Tackling Isolation – Wed 19 August

Round table: Supporting Families – Mon 24 August

Round table: More Equal Lives – Thu 3 September

Round table: Safer lives – Mon 7 September

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