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Your FAQs – grants for improving lives and community-led activity

December 16, 2015

Here are the most asked questions on grants for improving lives and grants for community-led activity.

When are the closing dates for these funds?

This funding is due to run until around 2020. Until then, everything will be on an ongoing basis with no deadlines.

Can we apply for medium grants for improving lives while applying for large grants for improving lives as well?

1It depends. If they are for two separate activities then yes, this is possible.

If it is for the same activity (for example applying for medium grants while waiting on large grants being considered) this would be less likely to receive funding.

Can you read a draft application?

As our decisions are not only based on the application form, we don’t check draft applications. A Funding Officer will contact you as part of their assessment. The application form is not the only method used to determine who receives funding or not.

Will grants for improving lives consider any activity?

No, although we do hope it gives plenty of scope for a wide range of organisations to apply. We can consider activity that:

  • Supports children, young people and families currently experiencing challenging circumstances
  • Supports people who have experienced abuse
  • Tackles loss, isolation and loneliness
  • Challenges discrimination and supports people affected by this

Do we need match funding?

We can consider 100% funding but in most cases we would hope to see some match funding, especially for larger projects.


Can either of these grants be used for capital costs?

Grants for community-led activity and medium grants for improving lives will consider relevant minor capital costs. This can go up to £50,000. Large grants for improving lives can consider higher costs.

Please note though that there has to be a strong and necessary case for applying for capital. We won’t consider funding a building (including refurbishment) and/or land – no matter what amount – unless it is necessary for the delivery of the activity.

Can any organisation apply to grants for community-led activity?

An applicant organisation to this has to be based in the local area they serve and be run by local people. Tied into this, the organisation should have:

  • A social purpose
  • Open membership
  • Community control

There is more information on these on page 2 of the sample application.

We want an application form. Can you send one to us?

We can email/post an application once you’ve contacted us and in turn we’ve said your activity can potentially be considered. Our sample applications can be used for anything else. Read our blog for more information on the process for making an application.

We’ve got more questions. Who’s the best person to contact?

There are a team of people ready to help you. You can speak to someone through 0300 123 7110 (usually option 2) or by email.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. Victoria Cunningham permalink
    December 16, 2015 11:22 am

    Funding ideas .. Iv no idea if it’s right criteria etc but I was on this site a couple weeks ago and there was tons of funding for youth and community stuff … Sorry if I’m just spamming up your inbox
    I’m going to send another attachment when I find it though as I think it is circulated in EAC lol u never know it could help

    Vicki Cunningham
    Independent support broker
    Community brokerage network


  2. December 16, 2015 2:15 pm

    Hi Vicki
    Thanks for your comment. I will reply to you directly on this.
    Kind regards


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