Carnival start samba style to 2016

Street music will make its mark in Glasgow and the sounds of samba beats will  ring out to over 1,400 young people in Glasgow thanks to an award of £50,00 to SambaYabamba meaning  they can deliver an ambitious street taster programme across the city  and set up a new youth street band.

SambaYaBamba’s Musical Director, Roddy Dickson, tells us what he loves about making music and what inspired him to bring it to a whole new generation.

Roddy explains, “I started playing aged 22 and it opened up my eyes to a whole community arts scene I never knew existed and indirectly gave me the opportunity for a career change that I seized upon with both hands.  Three years later I became self employed as a samba percussion tutor and I have never looked back.

Roddy Dickson
Roddy Dickson

“Ever since I have been here the idea has always been with us to have our own youth band and to give younger people the chance to become involved in this kind of music from a much earlier age. It might even help to show others that a career in community music is a completely realistic option if that’s what they want. It makes me so happy that after all these years this is finally going to happen.

“To raise awareness we are rolling out a packed schedule of free Carnival Street Band taster sessions with secondary schools and youth groups throughout Glasgow at the end of January and into February.  Due to the overwhelming demand the sessions are already full but we really want to take this opportunity to stress that any young person can sign up to be involved in the youth band whether they’ve taken part in a taster session or not.

“We will then be putting together a 50 strong street band and it’s open to young people aged between 12 and 19 years of age from all areas of Glasgow.  More information on how you can get involved is available on our website. We’re also in the unique position of being able to take advantage of SambaYabamba’s connections in the UK community music scene, meaning we can signpost further training opportunities for the young people and facilitate collaborations with other youth street bands from all over the UK.

SambaYaBamba at the West End Festival

“The really exciting thing is that there are young folks out there who don’t even know yet what a life-changing experience this will be for them when they get involved.  It’s an incredible opportunity not only for the young people who will take part but for us to be inspired by their energy and enthusiasm.  This is the beginning of a fantastic new chapter for everyone.”


For almost four years Young Start has been supporting projects which help Scotland’s young people reach their potential and embrace a brighter future. Read about the latest 15 awards  from Tiree to Wigtownshire.

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