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More FAQs – grants for improving lives and community-led activity

February 2, 2016

Shortly before Christmas we brought you two blogs with updates on grants for improving lives and grants for community-led activity. Now it’s a new year, it’s time for a new update.

In the two months since both launched (26 November 2015 to 25 January 2016) we’ve received 478 queries. That makes up 59% of all funding queries to us. Here are some of the most prominent new questions you have been asking us.The Aldingbourne Trust 297

Can either of these grants be used for capital costs?

Grants for community-led activity and medium grants for improving lives will consider relevant minor capital costs. This can go up to £50,000. Large grants for improving lives can consider higher costs.

Please note though that there has to be a strong and necessary case for applying for capital. We won’t consider funding a building (including refurbishment) and/or land – no matter what amount – unless it is necessary for the delivery of the activity.

Can any organisation apply to grants for community-led activity?

An applicant organisation to this has to be based in the local area they serve and be run by local people. Tied into this, the organisation should have:

  • A social purpose
  • Open membership
  • Community control

There is more information on these on page 2 of the sample application.

What type of activities have you funded?

As these are still very new, nothing has been funded so far. Nonetheless, once we start awarding, we will publish these on our website.

What are the timescales for applying?

A medium grant (both community-led activity and improving lives) will be decided in Castlehaven Community Centre (11)roughly four months. A large grant for improving lives is over ‘two stages’. A stage one application decision will be made within two months.

If this is successful, you will receive a stage two application. You will then have up to six months to work on this. When you return your stage two application to us, we will make our final decision within four months of this.

I have other questions. Where else can I get answers?

Many prominent questions are covered between our website and blog so these are worth a read:

Frequently asked questions

Planning to apply

More frequently asked questions

Please contact us for anything else.

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