Could you host a student placement?

As can be seen from our blogs this week, supporting a student placement can help kick start the process of meaningfully thinking about environmental sustainability or take forward that environmental review that has been waiting for some free time that never comes.BIGbigpinkPNG

Here at the Big Lottery Fund we are now looking for organisations, supported by our contractor Bright Green Business, to host a further 10 placements throughout 2016/17.

Organisations must have a current large grant being delivered in Scotland from Big Lottery Fund to take up this opportunity. They will be asked to provide a supervisor for the duration of the student placement, desk space and support for the student during the placement and commit to share the learning from the placement.

The Bright Green Business team will work with the successful organisations to develop a project description which is then advanced into a job advertisement. Once advertised, applications are received from interested students or post-graduates. The Bright Green Business team sift through applications and begin shortlisting candidates. The shortlisted candidates are given preliminary questions and their applications are then sent to the host businesses to consider. Bright Green Business then arranges interviews for the shortlisted candidates agreed by the host organisation. Once the successful candidate has been offered the position, Bright Green Business contract with the host organisation and the student/graduate. Bright Green Business will be responsible for payroll.

The successful student/graduate is assigned a mentor during the process and is supplied with an induction pack to help guide them through their placement. Their Bright Green Business mentor helps to make sure all objectives are met and that there are no issues or concerns during the project.

Once a placement is complete, each student/graduate will complete a report and case study to measure the progress and outcomes of the project. There will also be a learning event in November 2016 where students and host organisations come together to share their experiences.

If you would like to host a student placement and are a current Investing in Communities grant holder please complete the attached  Expression of Interest – Year 2  application and return it to this email address by mid-day 16th May.

The form is very simple just looking for a short description of the project being proposed for the student placement, the desired outcomes of the placement and any specific requirements about the student. Please remember the placement is for 10 weeks so your proposal should be realistically deliverable in this time.

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