How you can contact us

Please contact us. When you want more information or, we want you to get in touch, there will be the ‘please contact us’ message, often followed by a phone number. But, what if you are deaf or hard of hearing?

An estimated 1,012,000 people in Scotland have some degree of hearing loss, which is almost one fifth of our population. As part of Deaf Awareness Week, this blog summarises the various methods of contacting us.Action on Hearing Loss5

Email is perhaps the most prominent way many people will correspondent with us. You can provide a notable amount of information and some attachments. For advice before applying, you can email us on If you are contacting your Funding Officer, such as part of receiving a grant, their email address tends to be in the format of

There is our Text Relay service that can be accessed on 18001 plus 0300 123 7110. We also have some mobile phones that a text message can be sent to. This will be more on request.

Merseyside Society for Deaf People 4Stories and very quick queries can be shared or asked to us on Facebook and Twitter.

As useful as the above are, they largely rely on the person typing in what they want to know. If your preferred communication is British Sign Language, what can you do? As of now, Big Lottery Fund Scotland is part of contactSCOTLAND-BSL. This is the online British Sign Language interpreting service for the public and third sectors.cropped-cropped-CS-BSL-new-100dpi-1

Registered users with contactSCOTLAND-BSL can contact us or we can contact you back. Other than the standard call charge and Internet usage, this is free to use. This is suitable for short queries with us.

If you need more time to get advice, we would be happy to arrange a meeting with you.

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