Communities and Families ends on a high

From Shetland to the Scottish Borders, our Communities and Families Fund has reached every corner of Scotland, since its launch back in 2012. Today, 753 grassroots projects, £6 million and thousands of families later, we are making our final 83 awards from the programme .

Interactive map of grants
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Aimed at giving Scotland’s children the best start in life, we launched Communities and Families Fund alongside the Scottish Government at the Reidvale Adventure Play Association in Glasgow’s East End.

The group went on to apply and then secure an award from Communities and Families Fund to run a 32 week programme of Zumbini sessions aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of parents and children.

Ann Marie Todd from the Reidvale Adventure Play Association explains the difference that the money made to local families in the area.   She said, “Our Zumbini sessions have positively engaged babies and children in taking their first steps towards a healthy, active life that further promotes their overall emotional and physical wellbeing. The sessions also captured and nurtured the baby and child’s introduction to natural musical abilities when experiencing new sounds, rhythm and movements along with their parent.

“The format provided a supported and stimulating environment for parents to engage in music, movement and rhythm in a fun and interactive way with their babies and children.  Parents have been able to set up a network of support in the local community and are also going to other baby and child groups within the local area when they might not have had the confidence to do so before.

“All of the parents can now confidently take the Zumbini group sessions delivering various songs, movement and Zumba dance with their child and the other parents, children and babies in the group. The sessions have also allowed parents to form strengthened relationships and to engage confidently with their children at play at home.  Our parents have also told us that now they actively support each other and working together has helped reduce feelings of isolation or stress.

“The kind award from The Communities and Families Fund has made wide ranging opportunities for families possible for all of the parents, babies and children who attend our Zumbini sessions. We are extremely grateful. “

Click on the link to our interactive map to find out where Communities and Families funding has gone in your area.

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