Scottish Land Fund goes urban

The Scottish Land Fund today makes its first award to an urban project in Scotland, following the decision to open the programme to all parts of the country.

Here Jim Hope, Development Officer of Barmulloch Community Development Company (BCDC) tells us why the £85,000 award means so much to the local community.

When we heard the news of our Scottish Land Fund grant we were over the moon and very proud of being the first urban group in Scotland to receive an award.

BCDC community1
Community spirit is alive and kicking in Barmulloch

The funding means we can now purchase the former All Saints Church in Broomfield Road, Barmulloch and take forward our plans for developing it – so we can provide much needed
services for the local area.   The former church, a familiar and well loved landmark, was deconsecrated in 2014 as a result of the loss of parishioners following the evacuation of the Red Road flats, prior to their demolition.    At that time we were looking for premises to accommodate the Rob Roy Boxing Club, about to be ejected from condemned property.  That’s when we approached the Archdiocese of Glasgow who accepted our proposal.   Within two weeks, we compiled a detailed Project Study and just one week later the Church granted us immediate use of the building and adjacent nine roomed house on a six-month rolling licence. With a lick of paint and new carpets, the building was soon ready to accommodate a Money Advice Centre.

BCDC building1
BCDC will purchase the Broomfield Road Centre

Now, thanks to the Scottish Land Fund, we will own the building and can take forward the first stage in a number of plans we have for the premises and grounds at what will be known as the Broomfield Road Centre.     We will be able to improve the roof and install new windows, new doors and door entry systems, and we’ll be able to take forward our plans for five small industrial units. And of course we’ll be able to focus on providing a range of services to assist vulnerable people and families within our community.

We are delighted to be able to acquire these premises and open them up to local people, who I am sure will join BCDC in thanking the Scottish Land Fund for making this possible.

A second Scottish Land Fund award is also announced today to Moffat Community Woodlands, which receives £171,622 to purchase 33.4 hectares of local woodland on Gallow Hill in Dumfries and Galloway.

For more details on the newly relaunched Scottish Land Fund visit our website.

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