Tools for success

Awards for All  helps develop small community projects run for and by local people.  Amongst the latest grants  is a one of a kind library where tools not books are available for loan.  Founder, Chris Hellawell, explains more and how funding will help bring the generations together in Edinburgh.

Chris said, “As far as we are aware The Edinburgh Tool Library  is the first of its kind in the UK working in much the same way as a regular library does.  We started the project to share out the resources we have and save our members money as they don’t have to buy, maintain, or store equipment.

Edinburgh Tool Library

“By doing this we also help to reduce environmental impact as people no longer own tools just to have them sitting on a shelf gathering dust.

“However lending out tools is just one small part of what we do as we also have a social purpose.  We loan them out to local community groups and charities and our volunteers are also always on hand to provide their expertise as and when required.

“The money we have given from Awards for All is a real game changer for us.  Now we can take on sessional staff so we can begin our new project ‘Tools for Life’.  Our new programme will match a local youngster looking for a job with an older, retired person, who has skills and experience to pass on. Then, as a community of volunteers, members, staff and supporters, we will help our trainees to find the job, apprenticeship, course that is right for them.

Without doubt, the ‘Tools for Life’ programme would not be able to go ahead without the support of Awards for All.  By giving us this grant, we are going to be able to change the lives of both trainees and mentors, and help us give them the metaphorical, as well as the literal, tools for success.”

Charlie Traylor, 65, is originally from Durham but has spent the last 44 years living and working in Edinburgh.  Charlie will be one of the mentors on the project and is looking forward to getting started. He said, “I have spent my whole working life helping to develop people’s skills – social, emotional and physical.  I am really looking forward to this project and passing on my skills to a whole new generation.  All of this certainly keeps me active in my community after retirement!”

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