Contacting our Advice Team

Following the launch of Community Assets, we have been receiving a much higher volume of phone calls and emails to our Advice Team.

We normally recommend organisations contact our Advice Team before they apply, especially for our funds of over £10,000. We still want to this to happen so we can start IMG_0300 (002)and continue conversations with you. At the moment it might take longer than usual for you to be able to get in touch with us. Our replies are likely to take longer as well.

If you phone 0300 123 7110 and aren’t able to get through, you can email us. If you email, please check you get an auto reply back so you know we have received it. We aim to reply as quickly as possible and within a maximum of ten working days.

For Community Assets, the main parts to think about before/when you contact us are:

  • can your organisation represent the interests and views of an entire geographical community?
  • what inequality or disadvantage will the asset overcome?
  • how do you know this is the best way to do that?
  • how was this decided and what was your geographical community’s part in that?
  • what is the amount of funding you need and when it is needed for?

If you email about grants for community-led activity and/or grants for improving lives, please include:

  • the name of the organisation applying
  • the amount of funding you need and over how many years
  • what your activity is
  • how this will achieve each of our ‘three approaches

Thanks for your patience during this time.




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