The strength of Resonate

In the second of a series of blogs focussing on our three approaches, we feature Resonate, a social enterprise that sums up our strength based approach.

Resonate is a vibrant community-led group which received a National Lottery Community Fund grant of £149,920 in April this year to build their staff complement. This will allow them to expand on the range of activities that allow local people to learn skills, meet people, share abilities, start a new business, volunteer, have some fun and increase their wellbeing…the list goes on.

resonate-blogsWhat The National Lottery Community Fund loves about this project:

Every person who gets involved at Resonate, at any level, is recognised not by their needs and issues but by their unique strengths, potential and personal journey. Every person has their own unique story of how Resonate has helped them flourish and become more resilient. This is made possible by the flexibility Resonate embodies in their day to day activities. This means that if you’ve got an idea (no matter how unusual!) they find a way to try it and support it, but if you also just want a cup of tea and a chat there’s always time and space found for that too.

How they did it:

Angela Beardsley founded Resonate in 2010 when a group of like-minded people came together to create a space in Clackmannanshire for creative experimentation and the cultivation of ideas. She said: “Resonate is an amazing collection of people from all walks of life who genuinely care about the organisation.  We are a probably a bit of a ‘weird fish’ in that we are totally community-driven, so Resonate is what the community needs it to be.   This can make us difficult to label, but that, I think, is our strength; Resonate never stays still, and is always adapting to what the community want.

Our ‘everyone can’ ethos enables people of all abilities, ages and background to join our team, which includes individuals with a variety of mental ill health, physical disabilities such as autism through to parkinsons, to get involved and share their strengths.

We have been self-funded for such a long time, sustaining the social enterprise through a range of services which the community have a hand in.  However, the funding has enabled us to take on staff with a view to providing more of what is needed and to ensuring that we can continue to serve the community long into the future.”


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