Application tips from our grant holders

Two of our grant holders recently visited our office in Glasgow to witness the inner working of how we award funding. After the funding decisions were made, we asked them what advice they would give to other organisations applying for grants. Watch the video to see their response.


Kate Wimpress from North Edinburgh Arts and Suzy Goodsir from Greener Kirkcaldy, two of Big Lottery Fund Scotland’s current grantholders, recently travelled to meet us at our office in Glasgow on a cloudy Friday morning.

They had been invited as guests to our 10th Community-Led decision making committee by Funding Manager Hayley Banks. Both Kate and Suzy’s organisations had already been awarded a grant from this programme, and Hayley hoped to get their perspective on the current set of applications, as well as our processes.

During the committee, Kate and Suzy enjoyed a lively and thoughtful debate with Big Lottery Fund staff. Afterwards, we asked our two guests what their overall impression was of the grant making process.

Kate Wimpress, Director at North Edinburgh Arts, said “I think it’s humanised the decision making process a lot. Whenever you are dealing with your funding application it can seem that it’s happening in some great, dusty hall away from everybody. But actually it’s a very human process – and ideas, discussion and debate happens around the table, so I think it’s reassured me very much.”

Suzy Goodsir, Development Manager at Greener Kirkcaldy, added “I think what probably struck me most about it was just how people-led the process is. There’s a lot of involvement and discussion of the development officer who is making the assessment, and a lot of trust in that process and the experience of the people making the decision.”

We would like to thank Kate and Suzy for taking the time to join us and providing us with such valuable feedback on our current grant making process.

Our Community-Led grants aim to support communities to improve the places they live and the well-being of those most in need. Visit this link to find out more. 

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