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How much funding to apply for (Community-Led grants)

January 5, 2017

Children playing at Abergele Parochial ChurchDid you know? – Big Lottery Fund Scotland has awarded 50 medium grants for Community-Led activity totalling approximately £6.1m since November 2015.

Did you know? – The average grant size is £121,700.

Did you know? – The average length of a Community-Led grant is just over 3 years.

Did you know? – We’d like to spread the money a bit further and fund even more activities!

Many groups apply to the Community-Led programme for the maximum of £150,000 over the minimum time of three years. However, we aim to fund a variety of community-led organisations and we’re always happy to see applications for smaller amounts of money from groups who aim to achieve so much with so little.

For example, we were delighted to fund the following activities which have great plans that are ambitious yet achievable, and have a great chance of continuing on after our funding because of the brilliant level of community involvement:

£55,087 for The Reidvale Neighbourhood Centre in Dennistoun, Glasgow – This community will have fun with arts & crafts, soft jewellery, drama, DJing, sports, healthy living activities and dance, to name just a few of their planned activities.

£72,500 for Grimsay Community Association in the Western Isles – This community will establish a food growing and environmental programme of activities.

£72,766 for Grey Lodge Settlement in Hilltown, Dundee – This community will come together through a range of intergenerational activities covering local history, music, technology, arts & crafts and light exercise.

These are just a few of the grants for Community-Led activity made at the lower end of the funding scale and it would be great to award more.

We’re excited to see a couple of projects in our next portfolio that are looking for just £30,000 to involve their communities in some fantastic activities, so please don’t be shy if you’re looking to apply for a smaller amount of money. When it comes to Community-Led activity, less is very often more!

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  1. Lynn Campbell permalink
    January 5, 2017 1:16 pm

    If our Projects require funding for 2018, when would we apply please?

    • January 6, 2017 9:48 am

      Hi Lynn

      There is a minimum time period of four months to get your application in before your project is due to start.

      That said, when you feel you are ready please contact our advice team at for more detail.

      Thanks, and good luck!


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