All you need is love

fiona and duncan dancing at a get2gether eventEvery few months we run media workshops for our grant holders, which gives us another chance to hear inspirational stories of the life changing difference that National Lottery funding is making up and down the country.

Sylvia from get2gether came along to our session earlier this month. Based in Edinburgh, get2gether believe that everyone should have opportunities for love and friendship, and they put on a wide range of events and activities for people with disabilities.

During the session Sylvia shared a story about two people who have found love and are still happy together almost one year on.

So this Valentine’s Day we thought we would share Fiona and Duncan’s story to help spread love and happiness around.


Fiona joined get2gether over a year ago hoping to meet someone special. Fiona, who was diagnosed with Asperger’s in her 20s, said, “Like most people I find it really difficult to meet new people but having Asperger’s makes it doubly hard as I feel really awkward in social situations. Like lots of people I have been hurt before and it makes it even harder to trust someone. There were lots of times that I felt like giving up and wondered if there was really someone for me out there.”

Fiona’s perseverance paid off when she met Duncan, 28, from Dunbar last April.  She said, “Duncan was new to get2gether and came along to a club night. I was introduced to him and we just gelled straight away. We met again after a couple of weeks and exchanged numbers and that was that. I think I am really lucky that we found each other as it’s really hard out there. Things are going really well and let’s just say that I am hopeful for the future.

“Being at get2gether has really changed my life. It’s made me more confident and made me more assertive. It can take extra courage to go to these events and keep an open mind to meet new people and have new experiences – like diving into the deep end of the pool.”

Fiona and Duncan smiling together for a photo


Duncan, who has problems with his speech, was introduced to get2gether by his granddad. He said, “I had been going out in Dunbar without success but my granddad told me that I was never going to meet someone in a bar and he was right. I get extra nervous and shy around new people, which made it extra difficult for me to find that special someone. I am in a good place just now and more confident and not as nervous now to meet new people.  Fiona and I want the same things and like doing the same things. We spend as much time together as we can.”

We would like to thank Fiona and Duncan for sharing their story, and wish them an enjoyable Valentine’s Day!

If you are interested in our media training sessions why not email us at The next session is taking place on 6th April 2017 at our Glasgow office.

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