First time mother’s joy

For lots of new mums up and down the country this coming Mother’s Day will be extra special and that’s certainly the case for 32 year old biology teacher, Izzy Milns, from Paisley.

Izzy and her partner, William, are proud parents to five month old identical twin daughters, Alexandra and Indiana and, with a little help from National Lottery funded Twins and Multiple Birth Association (TAMBA) , they got the specialist support and advice they needed in time for their new family arriving.

left to right: Aly, Izzy and Indy

Izzy said, “As I was having identical twins I had to see a consultant every two weeks during my pregnancy and we also had a series of midwives to help out but, as a first time mother of babies who have very specific needs, I was desperately looking for information that was relevant to me.   I heard about TAMBA from my twin specialist midwife, Susan, and immediately registered for one of their courses.

I was so glad I did it two months before the girls were born because it was absolutely brilliant and it was great to meet other parents to be in the same situation.  The girl who took the course is a mum to five year old identical twins herself so I felt that she could really identify what I was going through.

As well as a range of medical information and advice, there they gave us a range of practical hints and tips for example the logistics of feeding two babies at once or what happens if they go out of synch with their feeding times.  I’ve also used the TAMBA website a lot over the last few months as there’s lots of useful videos that I can reference any time I need them.

I was in hospital for a week before they were born because identical twins never go to full term and the added complication was there were no cots available in the special care unit for that time so I couldn’t be induced for that time.

The waiting was all worth it as, on Sunday 9 October the girls arrived, born just 2 minutes apart, and our family was complete.    It had been a worrying and stressful time being in hospital ahead of the birth but they didn’t need any specialist care and I was able to hold and cuddle them straight away which was great.

Having had support and advice from TAMBA before and after the girls were born has been invaluable to us. At a joyful and busy time it’s really focussed my mind and helped me sort out all the clutter that’s constantly going through my head a first time mum.

TAMBA received an £8,800 grant from Awards for All in May 2016 to run a series of workshops to support expectant and new parents through a multiple pregnancy.



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