Let’s hear it for the girls

National Lottery funding is helping to change thousands of lives today, empowering people and communities to embrace a brighter future as 50 groups across the country receive a cash boost of over £9.6m .

That’s certainly the case for Glasgow based social enterprise, MsMissMrs.  Project Manager, Sylvia Douglas, explains the difference that their first Big Lottery Fund award will make to the confidence of young women across the city.

Sylvia Douglas

“It’s not easy being a woman in 2017. While society would have us believe that today’s women have made major steps in equality, we at MsMissMrs  know this isn’t entirely true. There is still a great deal of work to be done, as women and are challenged by major social, economic and health inequalities. That’s where we come in! With a no-holds-barred attitude, MsMissMrs seeks to empower these women, providing them with impactful resources to spark positive change, and a solid foundation for building a happier relationship with themselves.

“Founded in 2013, we are a social enterprise based in Glasgow set up to address the major health and wellbeing inequalities facing women and girls who have travelled a difficult journey. We’re passionate about empowerment, having created long-term sustainable change with over 200 women and girls so far. Thanks to our empowerment pants and private investment, our year started with the opening of a new community hub, where we offer a space for women and girls from all over Glasgow to connect with each other and themselves.

“Here at the Hub, we offer a variety of health and wellbeing programmes, all of which enable women to directly tackle challenges they face. We achieve this by providing educational programmes on healthy living and self-care, geared towards an investment in physical, emotional, mental and social wellbeing.

Power to the girls

“Adolescence is never easy, particularly against a backdrop of powerful influences. Shockingly, research from a study of 1600 found that 47% of young women report feeling held back from joining with sports or going out with friends because of the way they look! With a further 69% saying they don’t feel good enough, what impact does this have on girls reaching their potential and bettering society?  Motivated by these findings, we are delighted to offer young women the GET S.E.T. Self-Empowerment programme.

“Written with girls in mind, our accredited self-awareness course covers all areas of personal development, equipping girls to build resilience. Activities covered gives them the chance to explore physical wellbeing, manage emotions, body image, mental health, boundaries and healthy relationships – to name a few!  This new funding of £108,091 from the Big Lottery Fund will empower us to begin supporting the women and girls currently on our waiting lists.”

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One comment

  1. I applaud you!
    I am also on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs in Scotland, and women stepping back into the world of work. But I am so aware that its our young women who you will elevate and inspire the next generations of women. Wishing you amazing success!

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