A Young Starters Guide

Gillian Katungi, Communications and Engagement Officer – Young Start

If you’re thinking about applying for a Young Start grant but feel a little uncertain about where to start or what we’re looking for, this is for you! Inspired by conversations with existing grant holders, potential applicants and our funding officers, this video will take you on a whistle stop tour of Young Start, providing hints and tips on what to think about along the way.

A transcript of the FAQs are also included below. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Can I apply to Young Start if my organisation has had Young Start funding in the past?

A: Yes you can. However, we aren’t always able to offer continuous funding so we may occasionally need to prioritise groups who have received less funding from us before. We’re happy to discuss this with you in advance though.

Q: Do you only fund new projects or ideas?

A: No. Young Start grants are available for both new ideas and existing projects that are already up and running.

Q: Do you cover salaries and overhead costs?

A: Yes, young start funding can be used to fund salaries and overhead costs. But don’t just apply for salary or equipment costs – make sure that you also include costs of the activities that will deliver the outcomes for young people.

Q: How much can I request and over how many years?

A: This really depends on the project, what you’d like funding to cover and how long you’ll need the funding to deliver your project. Our advice is to demonstrate the impact that will come from the amount of funding you’re requesting.

Also be realistic about the number of young people that your project will benefit, sometimes the more beneficiaries your project has, the less impact your work might have.

Q: How old is a young person and does it matter if people fall outside of the age range?

A: Young Start is aimed at young people between 8 and 24. So your project and its impact should really be focused on this age range however, that doesn’t mean that the wider community can’t benefit from the project or that your project can’t add value to others.

We have funded projects that help young people connect with older and younger generations through their activities.

Q: Am I unlikely to be funded if another project provides a similar service?

As one of our approaches is about being connected to your community and having great relationships, we would like to see projects collaborate rather than duplicate efforts.

Q: Do you fund sports projects?

A: We do fund projects that involve sports however, we are looking for projects that can demonstrate why the activities are important to the specific community or young people that you’re aiming to support.

Naturally sport creates a healthier lifestyle but we’d like to know how young people will be involved in the development, design and delivery of your project. It helps to think about the following:

  • Why your project is necessary for the particular group of young people that you are working with. How young people’s lives and outcomes will be changed.
  • How will your project have a long term impact on young people, their families and their communities?
  • Are the young people that you’re supporting farthest away from taking part in play or sport? Do they have existing health issues?
  • Are young people at risk of developing health issues? Be sure to express this to us in your application.

Finally, when speaking to us or writing your application, remember to tell us about the specific project you want funding for and use clear examples of the activities. Remember not to focus on previous projects or activities that aren’t specifically related to the project you’re applying for.

The form isn’t online because we’d love to have an informal chat about your idea first. This will help you, and us, understand if the project is a potential fit for the programme.

If you’re keen to have a conversation please email us at advicescotland@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk or call us on 0300 123 7110.

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