National Lottery support for Edinburgh and Glasgow homelessness

Glasgow City Centre

Over the last three months our funding teams in Edinburgh and Glasgow have been taking a new approach to how our National Lottery funding can support projects addressing homelessness and related issues in those cities.

We’ve held stakeholder sessions and lived experience workshops to gain insight as to where we might make a difference. What has come through is that National Lottery support is likely to add greatest value if it is supporting projects that are doing the following things:

  • Delivered by organisations that are actively collaborating or working in partnership
  • Supporting the prevention of homelessness or engaged in early action to deal with the causes of homelessness
  • Placing those with lived experience at the heart of their development
  • Innovative projects looking to directly address clear gaps or opportunities created with the launch of the Scottish Government and COSLA ‘Ending Homeless Together High Level Action Plan’ in your city. 

As a result we now have funding available for projects in both Edinburgh and Glasgow from our Improving Lives programme.

We expect all applications meet one of the outcomes of Improving Lives and MUST also focus on all FOUR areas (noted above) where National Lottery add value and can fill a gap in provision.

We hope this more strategic approach to a clear issue in both these cities will allow our contribution to be meaningful. While our average grant size is currently £350k in Improving Lives, we are aware the costs of these types of projects can be significantly more than this and will review each proposal when it is received.

We hope to turn these applications around more quickly than is usual. This will be a single stage application process with decisions made by our Scotland Committee early in May.

If you are interested in this work please get in touch and have a conversation with our funding team.

Key dates

  • March 29 2019 deadline for all applications to be submitted
  • April 2019     assessment
  • May 2019       all decisions made

If you are working to address homelessness and related issues in any other area of Scotland then you can apply for funding from Improving Lives at anytime. Please talk to one of our funding team to discuss your idea or proposed activity.

If you have any questions please contact

Link to Improving Lives:

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