Jambo! Radio volunteers say hello

Launched last month a brand-new online radio station is bringing multi lingual information on COVID-19 and more to people from Afro-Caribbean communities.

Jambo! Radio is now live, and thanks to £10,000 in funding from the National Lottery Awards for All the team behind the station have been able to buy the equipment to broadcast from home, supporting their social distancing and keeping them safe during the pandemic.

Everyone involved in Jambo! which is another way of saying hello, is a volunteer. The Paisley based station broadcasts Monday to Thursday from 9.30am till 10pm, Friday and Saturday from 9.30am till 2am and on Sundays from 10am till 10pm.

Person with DJ set

Volunteer and presenter, Bene Briggs-Mckinley, 42, from Glasgow, says, “Not only will we give people who listen get the information they need about COVID-19 but we also want to play music and educate and entertain them.”

Bene presents two shows a week, one a positive news and lifestyle show with good music and the other centres on teaching people, especially children, about historical figures and the mythology around African culture.

She adds, “Our online station is so important to us and we broadcast in a wide variety of languages to connect with people, from Pigeon English to Swahili, Lingala or Amharic.”

Jambo! Radio brings communities together with a series of engaging dialogue and conversational-based shows throughout the week and plays African and Caribbean music. Their broadcasts are helping ensure that local Afro-Caribbean people don’t feel lonely or isolated from the rest of society and the world and give a place for their voice and experience of COVID-19 to be heard.

Unlike mainstream broadcasters’ content and information are made available for speakers of other languages of Afro-Caribbean heritage meaning listeners get information in the language they best understand.

George Tah, 45, came up with the idea for Jambo! Radio after his successful Inspiring Transformation podcast, explains, “We were talking about mental health issues, women’s issues, our own experiences on the podcast. I thought then that it would be good to have a radio station.”

Jambo! went live for the first time on June 14. George says, “We were getting so many comments on our podcast in the first few weeks of lockdown from people asking us what it all meant.

DJ with mic
DJJambo! radio founder George Tah broadcasting COVID-19 information from home 

“We know a lot of people weren’t getting the right information because they didn’t understand it.

“Now we can give people information on how they can get help, where they can go for food and support for them and their families. We’re excited to have got started it’s a real buzz.”

Jambo! radio photo

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