How will you celebrate the Big Lunch?

The Big Lunch is a National Lottery funded project all about celebrating community connections and getting to know one another a little better. The big date is 5-6 June and this year there are more reasons than ever to get together. 

With just over a month left we’ve invited Sophie Bridger – who is leading the Big Lunch in Scotland – to tell us about her plans, and how you can join in online, on your doorstep or over the fence.

Sophie smiling at the camera
Sophie, who is leading the Big Lunch in Scotland

How do you feel about lockdown ending? Excited? Anxious? Both?

Despite a tinge of anxiety, I can’t wait to see my family again. I want to be able to meet friends for picnics, and to travel around Scotland. Like most of us, I’ve spent a year firmly rooted at home, getting to know my small flat a little better, and spending more time in the parks near my house – green spaces I will never take for granted again!

One of the few positives to come out of lockdown for me is that I feel more part of my community than ever before. I know my neighbours better, I’ve been involved with volunteering, and I feel a sense of connection. As I start to move out of lockdown, that’s one thing I want to hold on to.

The Big Lunch is our way of celebrating community connections with fun and food. Food has always been a great connector, and by inviting your neighbours over to share some cake, we can make sure the friendships we made over lockdown stay with us.

The Big Date is 5-6 June, and with restrictions lifting it’s the perfect time to connect with your community. To make it even easier, we’re celebrating June as a Month of Community – so join in whenever works for you!

People with big lunch tshirts enjoying a roll and coffee
Enjoying the Big Lunch

I’m going to be inviting my neighbours for a Big Lunch in the back garden of our tenement, to catch up in the sun (I hope!) and to share some banana bread (if anyone can still face it!). If you want to get involved, there are lots of tips and ideas on our website – why not download a Big Lunch pack to get you started? Head to

Join us on 5-6 June for the Big Lunch. Online, on the doorstep, over the fence – it’s on!

Sophie Bridger is the Scotland Country Manager for Eden Project Communities,  and manages the Big Lunch in Scotland. She is interested in bringing people together, community and peacebuilding. She loves being outside  – in her garden, in the sea and in the mountains.

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  1. I see comments on things like “got to know my neighbours better” mine turned out to be a noisy nightmare who flouted lockdown restrictions constantly and I could not get any help. Also, as I work with young people it became very apparent through observation that there was a huge increase in anti-social behaviour, littering and substance misuse amongst young people in my area, no doubt cause by frustration and isolation…this is not an excuse but points more to the fact that we really need to address this issue as years of work with young people seems to be making little in the way of caring for your environment in urban areas.

    It is a unfortunate reality that the future is going to be a tough one not just for young people but for us all living in urban communities together.

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