Welcome to the blog of the National Lottery Community Fund Scotland

Every year we awards million of pounds raised by The National Lottery to good causes across the country.

This blog gives you a glimpse into some of those choices as well as drawing attention to some of the remarkable people who make such great use of National Lottery money.

On the blog we will also share hints and tips on applying for funding, though you can also get in touch with our friendly team on 0300 123 7110 or advicescotland@tnlcommunityfund.org.uk to discuss your idea.


  1. I have been trying to get funding help for my project a trout/coarse fishery,yet still no one will help me,is there any one out there that could look at this thanks .

  2. thanks ,I ll have look ,then try get some help,but never helped me before so maybe ,might get bit of luck,cmon someone give me good luck ,this is a great project for many many walks of life,someone take a chance on me.

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