Young Start – what makes a good sports project application?

If you are considering applying for Young Start funding for a sports-related project the following tips will help improve your chances of success.

 Do apply for funding for sports projects that:

  • Improve the confidence of young people. We want to see personal advancement of young people through this outcome. So this might be a sports project that enables young people to obtain coaching qualifications, get involved in delivering activities or in the planning and management of the project or uses sport as a diversionary activity
  •  Improving the health of young people. We want to see applications that identify young people who will significantly benefit from your activities and you’ll need to tell us how they will be engaged. So projects that target inactive young people, young people with physical/mental health issues or young carers will have a stronger chance of success than those that include young people who are already engaged.
  • Meet the Young Start enterprise outcome. In your application you’ll want to show a clear and supported structure into employment for young people beyond the lifetime of the sports project.

Don’t apply for funding for sports projects that:

  • ask for salary costs only. So the funding of a development post exclusively for example would not be considered.
  • focus purely on club development and capacity building. While this work has benefits the focus should be on individuals and the outcomes they achieve.
  •  have high equipment costs. We can fund equipment as an enabler for project activities but these should not be the main and only project focus.
  • request ground redevelopment i.e  we cannot fund major refurbishment to land including the renovation of grass pitches or MUGAs .
  • fail to demonstrate adequate young people’s involvement. It should be clear how young people have been involved in the design, development and delivery of applications.

And always remember that our information and enquiries team are here to help should you have any questions before or during applying. You can call us on 0300 123 7110 or email

More details about Young Start and its outcomes can be found here.

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