Update for TSEIF applicants

Third Sctor Early Intervention Fund
Third Sctor Early Intervention Fund

Futher to our communication with applicants to the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund on 26 March, here is further infomation on the issues raised.

Third Sector Early Intervention Fund – Frequently Asked Questions

Strategic Partnerships

What do you mean by strategic partnership? What does that look like and what would its function be?

A strategic partnership will be an agreement between the Scottish Government and an organisation.  The agreement will be focused on the delivery of one or more Scottish Government outcomes, where the organisation is uniquely placed to assist with delivery.

How long will strategic partnerships be for?
Two years, in line with the TSEIF.

How will strategic partnerships be different from receiving funding from TSEIF?
The TSEIF asked organisations to bid in with delivery proposals; strategic partnerships will be negotiated between SG and organisations to deliver key SG priorities and outcomes.

How will those funded by BIG and those funded by SG interact?
Those funded from either source will be involved in the delivery of key SG outcomes. We expect a number of key themes that organisations will coalesce around and organisations funded from both sources will be required to work together to ensure coherence, learn from each other and to avoid duplication.

Who in the Scottish Government will be taking forward the discussions?
Discussions with potential partner organisations will be taken forward by the lead policy officials.

How will organisations know if they are likely to be one of those strategic partners?
Scottish Government officials will make direct contact with those organisations with whom they wish to explore potential strategic partnership.

Will relevant organisations be invited to take part?
Scottish Government officials will make direct contact with those organisations with whom they wish to explore potential strategic partnership.

Given that the school Spring holiday period  is upon us, when can organisations expect to be contacted by Scottish Government in order that they can ensure availability of relevant staff?
The Scottish Government will take forward discussions during April.

Other than the discussions, is there any preparatory work or further information/applications organisations will have to submit in relation to this?

Will any organisation be worse off because of the rescheduling of the announcement regarding the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund?
No – and a number of organisations will benefit from the rescheduling.  All organisations funded by UVSF, EYEA and CLD HQ funds will have transitional funding available for April 2013, and the rescheduling is with a view to providing additional support to the third sector through the establishment of strategic partnerships.

Transitional funding

Who at the Scottish Government will handle transitional funding?
The relevant SG policy contact for each organisation.

When and how will organisations receive this transitional funding?
Grant letters are being issued to all organisations funded by the Unified Voluntary Sector Fund, the Early Years Early Action Fund or the Community Learning and Development HQ funds.  This will ensure that all organisations currently funded by UVSF, EYEA and CLD HQ have additional funding available to them until 30 April.

For all organisations which receive funding from the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund or via strategic partnerships, funding will begin from 1 May 2013.

For organisations who are unsuccessful in obtaining funding under the new arrangements and who were previously funded by UVSF, EYEA or CLD HQ funds, transitional funding will be available for the 3 month period from 1 May to 31 July 2013.

Is there anything organisations need to do in relation to receiving this swiftly?
To receive transitional funding swiftly, organisations should simply complete and return grant letters as quickly as possible.

Is this not causing uncertainty for staff?
We strongly believe that taking the time to achieve strong partnership arrangements over and above the TSEIF will help us to achieve better outcomes for children and families.

In the interim, all organisations currently funded by the UVSF, EYEA or CLD HQ funds will have additional funding made available until 30 April 2013.

We will announce the outcome of both the Third Sector Early Intervention Fund and the strategic partnerships by the end of April 2013.

BIG funding

Who at Big will be the contact for that?
We will contact organisations with details once TSEIF announcements are made

When will organisations know if they are one of the organisations being targeted for that kind of funding?
We believe we have identified a number of proposals that we believe can fit well with one of BIG’s other funding programmes.  We will contact these organisations directly when we make the announcements for TSEIF to offer support in applying for these funds.  Notwithstanding this approach, we welcome the opportunity to discuss funding opportunities with any organisation at any time. Organisations are encouraged to contact BIG directly to discuss what funding opportunities are available to them.

Is there any preparation work organisations will have to do if they are one of those organisations? Will they have to submit another/different type of application?
We are considering a variety of options for supporting organisations and projects in this way, but we will not require any action from applicants prior to TSEIF announcements.  If we believe that an applicant to TSEIF may be able to take advantage of another BIG funding programme, they will be required to submit a new application form.   Throughout this process, we will assist applicants to make this work as simple as possible.

If they receive the funds from different BIG lottery funds, will the Terms and Conditions and reporting mechanisms be those associated with whatever fund they receive the funding from or will it still be the same as TSEIF?
Successful applicants to other funding programmes will be managed according to the Terms and Conditions of that programme.

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