Thanks for your feedback

Since our last blog we’ve had some great feedback about the development of our new programmes. We really do appreciate people taking the time to let us know what they think. It helps us understand what the emerging thoughts and opinions are and what areas you’d like to hear more about.

Based on the feedback we received from our last blog about new programmes it’s clear that there are some questions about our focus on ‘place’ and the idea of demonstrating connections with others.

Place is important, but not as important as people

It’s true that we are interested in the connections you have in a place, what the strengths of a place are and whether the people within that place are leading activities. If a project is based within a community and hopes to build up a great range of activities, it makes sense that you’ll have good connections within that place, be aware of what others are doing and explore options of working together to achieve the best in that place.

However, if your project is about supporting people with more immediate needs in challenging circumstances , perhaps not restricted to one place, we’ll ask less about your connections to a location and more about how the people you’re supporting are involved in the project, what control they have and their ability to shape the project. We’re interested in your connections to others in your field, what partnerships you have and how you fit in with what else is going on,  whilst realising that sometimes there are really good reasons for not being able to make connections. Understanding what connections you have, or don’t have, and the reasons for that helps us join up provision and avoid duplication.

So, in short, place is important to us but not as important as people.

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