Our connected approach

Building good and strong connections is key to the success of any project.

In our series of blogs about our new approaches, we focus on connected. Read on to find out how the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice’s Butterfly Project, is a great example of an organisation establishing and cementing great connections which allow them to share learning and develop a better service for the young people they work with.

What Big Lottery Fund Scotland loved about the project:

This project is a great example of how good connections help an organisation to deliver a project that reaches further and has a greater impact than they could manage alone.

The partnership that manages the project has worked well over a number of years, and that connection and working relationship has been at the heart of all the success they have had.

While young people and their families are at the centre of what the Butterfly Project does, they also haven’t lost sight of communicating and working with schools, hospitals and all the other services those young people are interacting with.

The Butterfly Room at Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice
The Butterfly Room at Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice

The service and support they provide wouldn’t work as well if the formal and informal partnerships weren’t working together to support young people and their families through difficult times.

The organisation was awarded £371,623 for a five year project.

How they did it:

Rhona Baillie, Chief Executive, The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice, said:  “The young people who use our service are central to everything we do and we would never make assumptions as to what they want.

“We have put together a participation strategy which runs through all of the services we offer to young people.  We check in with the young people regularly and they have a chance to give their feedback in various different ways- whether by filling in a structured questionnaire, bringing them in for a one to one or giving their feedback online.

“It’s vital that we tailor our package of support for each young person we work with.  We sit down and put together a plan of care with them which has to be flexible and work around their needs at any given time.

“By bringing the young people together we are creating a network from which they can get fantastic peer support from each other. It makes them feel that they are not the only young person who has lost a loved one and they are not alone.

“It’s also essential that we are well connected to other organisations. Across all the sectors we work with, bringing organisations together provides a range of the best skills and experiences.  We are constantly learning from each other and this brings strength and knowledge to what we do, leading to better outcomes for the young people. Our experience working closely together with other organisations and learning from each other’s models is very important – as is being open and honest with each other at all times.

Our overall aim is to give every young person we work with a coping strategy and to help them to build confidence to face the future.

For more information go to our website at www.biglotteryfund.org.uk/scotland

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