Citizen’s Advice Bureau – improving environmental practice

Following yesterday’s blog we thought you might be interested in hearing more about the student placements. Citizen’s Advice Bureau – one in Motherwell and the other in Angus – both have sought to develop and implement an Environmental Policy.

Kinga Kosakaowska who supervised the placement at Motherwell & Wishaw CAB said: “Our expectations were exceeded during Maria’s environmental placement. She impressed us with her flexible and innovative approach to introducing energy efficiency measures.

“Maria came into an unknown environment dealing with unique processes and procedures required by CAB and adapted quickly. She produced our environmental policy as well as an energy efficiency and carbon footprint report containing a number of recommendations.

“Maria was really keen to support staff to consider environmental issues. Changing behaviour doesn’t happens overnight, but she did get people thinking. Some simple but effective measures were introduced to improve waste management, to move towards a paperless office and contribute toward achieving energy efficiency.”

Kieran (left) completed a placement at the Angus CAB

Maria also believes the placement was “one of the most thought-provoking experiences I ever had”.

She said: “Visiting people in their homes to conduct domestic energy surveys in some of the most deprived areas in Scotland, I feel that my communication skills and ability to engage with people from all walks of life have been majorly enhanced.”

Kieran Ronnie, on placement in Angus Citizens Advice Bureau shares his experience.

“I began the placement by undertaking an Environmental Audit to identify the areas where the organisation was performing well, where the gaps and potential improvements or changes could be made, and to determine the areas of focus for the Environmental Policy. After discussing my findings with senior management I developed an action plan to put my recommendations into place, resulting in establishing recycle bins and water saving measures. I also created an environmental awareness board to facilitate a positive, greener change in attitude and behaviour. The Environmental Policy was adopted by all three offices.”

Janice Fullerton of Angus Citizens Advice Bureau was also positive about the placement: “Kieran was like a breath of fresh air. He established himself expeditiously. He undertook a wide variety of tasks with enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism. He has provided our organisation with valuable resources to ensure our environmental sustainability.”

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